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KeyWe for a smarter life


much smarter, much better, much easier

The history of key locks has lasted for thousands of years.

Maybe in a market where there is nothing new anymore, KeyWe wants to show you what a true smart door lock really is.

Enjoy even more comfortable life through even more powerful and more convenient KeyWe , while maintaining the existing tradition.



s01Smart door lock

If you approach the Door Lock by carrying your smartphone by using the location information, the door opens automaticallly. Location-based Smart Open and Magic Touch are special features only available on KeyWe.



Access record inquiry

The safety of our house starts from the door.

You can see who has been to our house for the last 90 days.



Real-time push alarm

Were you not worried about your child coming home safely when you were away? KeyWe will let you know about safe return home in real time.Check access of your family members via push alarm.



Easy invites

Invite family, friends, or guests easily with the app.

You can freely set the date, time and day. You no longer need to share your door passcode with anyone.



Multiple doors with one App

Manage many doors for your home, your parents’ and your office with one App.





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