MY KEYWE provides a convenient environment web interface to make changes to your door lock. 37

  • It can be used on PC or mobile devices with Internet access.
  • You can just sign in with the login information you use with the app.
  • MY KEYWE supports the function to disable the app when the phone is lost, and it also allows you to view the door lock access history, save as Excel files, change the name of the door lock, modify my information and manage and add users to the door lock.
  • MY KEYWE does not support door lock control functions.

1. Lost phone mode

Disabling the app when the mobile phone is lost.


1. Press the [Lost Mobile] button on the upper left corner of the page.

2. A window asking you to confirm your password will open. Please enter your password.

3. After entering the password, click the [Continue] button at the bottom.

4. Your account has been deactivated.

It is recommended that 2 or more people are registered as the door lock administrator so that the access authorization can be suspended when one of the administrators’ mobile phone is stolen or lost.

2. My page

You can edit your information on My page .


1. Press the [My Page] button on the upper right corner of MY KEYWE.

2. Click the edit button to change your information .

3. When the edit window appears, enter the content you want to change to and click the [Continue] button at the bottom.

4. After checking the changed information on My Page, click [Continue] button at the bottom to confirm to save the information.

As for changing the phone number, an authentication code will be sent, and after verification of the code , you can change your phone number.

3. User Management

You can modify and delete the access level of the door lock user In MY KEYWE.

3-1. Modify user access level


1. Press the [User Management] button at the bottom.

2. Click the [edit] button.

3. When the edit window appears, enter the information you want to edit and click the [Continue] button. If you click the pause button next to the name, you can stop the corresponding user’s app use temporarily.

4. If you click the [Continue] button , it will be applied.

3-2. Delete user access level


1. Press the [User Management] button at the bottom .

2. Press the [Delete] button to delete.

3. Click the [Continue] button to proceed.

4. Access level removal completed.

4. Add a user

You can add new users to the door lock in MY KEYWE.

4-1. Add family members


1. Press the [Add Family Member] button at the bottom .

2. Enter a phone number to invite . You can invite as an Admin, a Family, or as a Recurring Guest.

3. You have successfully invited a member. The member will receive a text message.

4-2. Create Guest Key

1. Press the [Guest Key] button at the bottom .

2.  Read and agree to the precaution .Pick a start date and time and the end date and time. Press the [Continue] button to generate Guest Key code.

5. Changing door lock information

You can edit the name of the door lock.


1. Press the [Edit] button on the right side .

2. When the edit window pops, enter the name you want to edit.

3. After entering the name, press the [Continue] button.

4. The door lock name has been changed.

Door lock location information cannot be edited here.Please change the information with the app.

6. Access History

You can check the access logs for the last 90 days and saving them as Excel file.


1. Press the [Access History] button at the bottom .

2. The access history screen is displayed, and it shows the users, opening methods (smart open, magic touch, widget) and opening time of the door in the last 90 days.

3. To save as an XLS file, click the [Save as XLS] button on the bottom right corner.

2 Comments on “MY KEYWE

  1. Hi, like to know is there any different between Master Key and Registered Password?

    Registered Password have to be done from the lock or can done done through Keywe app?

    • If you want to change your passcode of the door lock , you have to be in a bluetooth connection range (~8 M)
      If you are in that range , you can open your KeyWe app to change the passcode.
      If you have more questions , please contact


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