Access History



You can check the access record of the users for the last 90 days. It will also show who and when opened the door.


9 Comments on “Access History

  1. Can I view the full entrance record in the access history? For example, the time of door lock opened and closed, so that I can have known that someone entered my house, not only the registered user. Thank you.

    • KeyWe app can only see the access histories from using the app because KeyWe doesn’t embed the WiFi module.

      If a user opens a lock by other means like manually, key card, bracelets or passcode, the KeyWe server can’t recognize it and will not show in the ‘Access History’.

      If you wish to see all access histories, you must have a SmartThings hub and install the SmartThings app.

  2. Hi, so the Epic smartlock can connect to Smarthings Hub and will be controlled by SmartThings app ? Thank you.

    • If your Epic smart lock allows it, yes – you will be able to control it using the SmartThings app.

      • Currently, I control my Epic smart lock by KeyWe app, however, I don’t see anything related to Smart Things app. So, how can I know it can be controlled by Smart Things app? Thank you.

      • You’ll have to check with Epic if the lock you have is able to connect to SmartThings. The KeyWe lock is able to connect to SmartThings via Z-Wave. Please note that Epic is a different company from KeyWe.

  3. I got it. Thank you so much. Do you find a way to exchange more info with smart lock ? I mean to get and receive more information.

    • Happy to help! Our team is constantly monitoring and updating the app so that users can have the a great experience. If you need any help or if you have additional questions or concerns, you can always write to us at

  4. I’m using the old Keywe app to control the Epic smartlock. However, i recently found new Keywe app (Keywe Pro) on Play Store, so is there any way to move all info to the new App ? I used same email which registered on old Keywe app but it can not recognize on new app. Thank you.

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