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① Press the [All Menu] button (≡) at the upper left corner of the  main screen ,the  full menu drawer will appear.

② Press the [App Setting] button.


③ Since the settings is the function that requires security , it checks if you are the real user. Please enter your password or scan fingerprint to enter the setting screen.

④ The settings screen.




01. Auto Sign In: You can select from ON / OFF with the switch on the right. Auto sign-in is a feature that automatically logs you in when you start the app.

02. Use Fingerprint: You can select from ON / OFF for the use of the fingerprint recognition function with the switch on the right. (Fingerprint recognition may not be available depending on the device, and in that case, the fingerprint recognition menu becomes deactivated.)

03. Push Alarm: You can select from ON / OFF of the notification function with the switch on the right.

04. Favorite: You can select the door lock you want to bookmark. The Favorite door lock will be automatically selected when starting the app.

05. Open Source: Shows the open source used in the app.

06. Version: informs you about the current version and the status whether it is the latest version.






2 Comments on “App settings

  1. Love the product, is it possible to have the same options (day, time, dates) of providing the guest key pass (where the guest does not need to sign into the app) family member? This would be very useful as I have a maid who is not technically savvy. She can now do the guest key enterance but it means I need to keep on providing a new key every week. Is this possible please check as this would then be perfect!

    • Hi Jerry! Thanks for your comment.
      Did you try to invite your maid as ‘Recurring User ‘ ? Unfortunately , she has to sign-up to use this feature.
      You can also set the end time of the ‘Guest Key’ to some date in 2019. She will then have a key for one year.
      We will share your idea with our team .
      Thanks for your comment!

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