Connect to Door Lock

Please be aware before registering!

Registration of door lock is possible only for the first person(Administrator), and other members can only be invited .[Add Member].

If the door lock administrator deletes the corresponding door lock, it can be registered again.


① Press the [+] button.

② Please select the door lock registration method.


③ Please scan the QR code(battery cover inside) or enter the serial number (register with product serial number)

④ If the door lock is properly registered, the door lock information screen will be displayed.


⑤ Enter the name of the door lock.

⑥ Set the door lock location. (It is required in order to use Smart KeyWe function)

⑦ Door lock registration completed! Now you can control the door lock with KeyWe App.

One Comment on “Connect to Door Lock

  1. Moved lock to different property with door that swings opposite of firs door. Now locked/unlocked is reversed. How do I correct?

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