Full menu (menu drawer)


When you press the [All Menu] button (≡) at the upper left corner of the main screen , the full menu drawer opens.

You will have access to all features of the app, separate from the individual door lock setting menu.


01. Profile photo: Profile picture registered when you signed up is displayed.  (It can be modified from My Page)

02. User ID (E-mail): The e-mail used as the ID is displayed.

03. Connect to Door Lock: If you press this button, you will move to the door registration page. You can add a new door lock.  ▶ Function Introduction – Connect to Door Lock

04. Create Guest Key: If you click this button, you will move to Guest Key registration page. If you are a member, You can register Guest Key with this button.  ▶ Introduction – Guest Key

05. My Page: If you press this button, you will go to My Page. You can edit your name, age, and gender that you have registered at the time of sign up. You can also change your phone number, change password, log out, and withdraw membership.  ▶ Introduction – My Page

06. App Setting: Click this button to go to the app setting .

▶ Function Introduction – App Setting

07. Notice: Go to the official KeyWe notice page.

08. KeyWe Web: Go to the official website of KeyWe . (http://keywe.thekeywe.com/)

09. Help: Go to KeyWe help page (Blog – App User Guide).

10. Send email: You can send your inquiries or suggestions . (support@thekeywe.com)

11. Blog: Go to the official KeyWe blog. (http://blog.naver.com/thekeywe)

12. Facebook: Go to the official KeyWe Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/keywehome)

13. Instagram: Go to the official KeyWe Instagram. (https://www.instagram.com/thekeywe)

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