Introduction of Function – Guest Key


This feature allows one-time users such as lodging guests and delivery men to use for a specified period of time only.

Users does not need to join as a member, and they can use after logging in with the verification code issued.


Family member
Guest Key
Member sign up
no need
no need
Designation of date / time
It is possible add with regular visitor level of permission ,
but separately designate from the access date and time to the end date and time for Guest key.
Not available

※ It is recommended that the personnel who regularly have to access your home (example: house keeper, tutor) should be invited as Recurring Guest .

※ Guest Key assigns door lock control rights by generating verification codes. A third party can receive the permission by coincidence.

※ Guest Key users cannot use Smart KeyWe.

Know before you use it!

1. It issues verification codes by designating the start date and time and the end date and time.  Function description: 2.Guest Key generation

2. Provide verification codes to people who will use.

3. You don’t have to sign up to KeyWe service to use the Guest Key feature.  Feature Description: Login> 1-4.Guest Key Registration

4. When the end date has passed, the authorization for the door lock will be deleted.

Guest Key Door Key Main Screen


01. Exiting the door lock: If you are not a member, press this button to exit from the door lock screen and move to the initial screen of the app.

02. Door lock control button: Press this button to lock or unlock the door lock. (It can be used only within the effective Bluetooth range from the door lock.)

03. Door lock position: It informs you about the door lock location set at the time of registering .

04. Warning / Setting Notification: This area informs you about the current status or the functions of the corresponding door lock.

05. Usage period check button: You can press this button to check validity of the Guest Key.

06. Help: If you press this button, you can go to the main page.

07. About KeyWe: Press this button to go to the official KeyWe website (

10 Comments on “Introduction of Function – Guest Key

  1. Suggestion to have the guest key code generated to be used via the touchpad (like the one time password).

    Not all delivery men will download the app to use.

      • Hello Keywe team

        I asked this question a year back and just wondering when this function for guest key to be keyed in by touchpad can be supported?

  2. Thank you for following up!

    We are preparing for it and should be available this year. Information on how this will be implemented will be provided once it is ready.

    KeyWe Team

      • It will be possible if you have a Z-wave hub or KeyWe bridge, otherwise, you can only use One Time Passcode.

  3. Guest key added can’t be use! Always prompt be unregistered number!

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