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시안1. Select join in

You can sign up by following KeyWe guideline or you can use your external account like Google etc. to sign up.

When you sign up with an external account, you need to enter additional information for using KewWe besides the corresponding account information.

( It currently only supports Google accounts.)

(Additional external account types will be supported in the future.)


2. Membership subscription


① Membership subscription- Please click the checkbox on the right after reading through the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Location based service. If you have read and agree , please click the [Continue] button at the bottom.

※ If you do not agree to the Terms of Service, you will not be able to use the Service.

※ If you do not agree to the location based service, you cannot use the Smart KeyWe features.

② Membership subscription – Please enter the email you actually use . The email you enter will be used as the ID . Please press the [Request a verification code] button after entering your email.


③ The subscription verification code has been sent to the email.Please check the mail box and enter the verification code. After entering the verification code, press the [Continue] button.

④ Sign Up – After entering the password to use , enter it again to confirm. It must be between 6 to 12 letters, including alphabetic and numeric letters. Please press the [Continue] button.


⑤ Sign Up – Please enter your mobile phone number. First, select the country code  and enter your mobile phone number. After entering all, please click on the [Request a verification code] button.

※ The entered phone number must match the phone number of your mobile phone in order to use the app properly.

⑥ The sign up confirmation code has been sent to the user’s phone number. Please check your SMS and enter the code. If you press the [Re-send] button on the right side, it will be re-sent. After entering the confirmation code, press the [Continue] button.


⑦ Sign Up – After registering your profile picture , please select your gender. Please enter your name and age ,too. Please press [Continue] button after entering all.

⑧ You have successfully signed up. Start KeyWe app by pressing the [Start] button at the bottom.

▶ Registrating the door lock

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