User management ▶ User invitation

This is the function that allows you to invite new users


① Press the [User Management] button at the bottom of the door lock main screen.

② After entering the user management screen, click [invite user] icon button in the upper right corner.

③ Please choose between Add Family Member and Create Guest Key.

1. Add Family Member: For users who comes in regularly.(Family , Housekeeper etc.)

2. Guest Key: For users who comes in for a certain period of time or just for one-time (AirBnb guest , Courier etc.)
▶ View Guest Key Description Page

1. Add Family Member


① After entering the family member invitation screen, enter the phone number of the user to be invited (or select from the phone book) and select the user access level. There are 3 different types of access level. Admin, Family, and Recurring Guest.

1. Admin (owner access level): You can invite or delete other users.

2. Family: Open doors only! You can not manage other users, but you can open the door at any time.

3. Recurring Guest: Open only at set times! For those people who should have temporary access time.

② Successfully invited !


2. Create Guest Key

 ▶ View Guest Key Description Page


① Enter the name, the start date and time and the end date and tiem after entering the Create Guest Key screen.

② Please check the precaution  when create Guest Key, and click the [Continue] button.

③ Guest Key  generated! Let your guest know the code number.(SMS)

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