Access Tab

The Access tab is full of functions! But don’t worry,
the KeyWe team made it very convenient and user friendly.



1. Family Invite

Tap the (+) icon and share invites to other family members. Just share a link to any messenger app that you prefer. You can also monitor who has already created an account or not. Their icon will appear in the horizontal list if they have accepted your invite. Once you have established bluetooth connection, you can tap on other family member’s icons and see if they have registered their pin code, rf card or fingerprint.



2. Smart Features (Beta)

Set up Smart Features for a hassle less entry to home! The Magic Touch allows you to just tap the pin pad when you arrive to unlock the Lock. Smart Open automatically unlocks when you come near the Lock!

1. For both Smart Features to be activated, you must first go 150m away from where you
have stated the Lock location is. You will receive a notification once exited the 150m premises.

2. Once you are out, then you can enter back into the 150m premises. You will receive a
notification once entered.

3. Once the Lock and your phone establishes bluetooth connection, your selection of Smart Feature will be executed.


※ Many users misunderstand that the Lock executes Smart Feature at the moment they enter the 150m premises therefore thinks that there is not enough time. This is NOT true. The KeyWe app starts to search for the Lock to connect via bluetooth once you enter the 150m premises, but the Lock and the app must communicate via bluetooth, so the maximum distance the Smart Feature can be executed is roughly 20m. It is physically impossible to execute Smart Feature 150m away from the Lock. 

※ The other thing to note is why we need you to exit the 150m premises. This helps the elimination of executing the Smart Feature while you are in your property.

3. Guest Invite

Manage all guests and control who has access at what time.

You can invite new guests with a personal link and stay fully in charge of entry time and days. The guest must download the KeyWe app to control the Lock. Guests will not need to create an account. Simply download the app via the link provided from the host. The app will automatically lose the ability to control once the schedule specified by the host has passed. All entries by the guest will be recorded on the History tab.

There are two ways a schedule for a guest can be created. Consecutive and Gap. 


  • Consecutive is a simple invite with no gaps between check in and check out. Consecutive type will have “check in time” and “check out time” labeled for time selection. “check in time” refers to the time the guest can start controlling the Lock check in date, and “Check out time” is when the guest loses access to the Lock on Check out date.


  • Gap will be a schedule for “that” day. The “start time” and “end time” is referring to the start time for the selected day(s) and end time for the selected day(s). For example if you have a babysitter that you want him/her to come in from 3pm to 11pm on every Mon, Fri and Sat, then you can set the schedule as in the picture. We have emphasized in text with red color when the schedule type is Gap. 

4. One Tap Invite

The One Tap Invite allows you to invite a temporary guest by giving them a pin code that is valid for only 5 min. On history, there will be a record of who issued the One Tap Invite at what time.


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