Devices Tab

Use the Devices tab to see which devices are registered already.
You can pair and adjust already existing devices and of course,
add new devices like the
WiFi-Bridge or the KeyWe-Hub.



 WiFi Bridge Registration 
We made the WiFi bridge registration an easy process. Just follow exactly what the app says and KeyWe will guide you through. The WiFi Bridge receives commands from your smart phone through the internet and passes that command to the Lock via Bluetooth.

※ Make sure you are standing right next to the WiFi Bridge during the entire registration process. This ensures that the location you plan to put the WiFi Bridge can be connected to the Lock via bluetooth and the WiFi network that you intend to connect the WiFi Bridge.

※ For iPhone, make sure your iPhone is connected to the WiFi network that you want to connect the WiFi Bridge. 

※ Please register the WiFi Bridge one at a time.

※ You can connect however many Locks that you prefer as long as they are within the bluetooth reach from the WiFi Bridge.

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