Door Control Tab

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•   The Door Control tab lets you switch between different properties and Lock(s) and of course, lets you open and close the Lock. Swipe to the left to go to the next Lock within the property. 

•   On the very top is the battery status. It will show in a “good” or “bad” status.
The new Damian Lock will show by percentage. 

•    Underneath the battery status, it will show the Lock name that you gave. 

•   Underneath the door status, it will state which method the app is communicating with the Lock.
Bluetooth or WiFi. 

•   Pop ups will be shown on the bottom such as “howdy” which will only be shown for the first time you have created an account or have migrated from version 2.Feedback for Smart Feature will also be shown every time the smart feature is executed.

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