Door Lock Registration

If you just created a new account on the app, you can register a Lock first, or “cancel”. In the case of “cancel,” you will go directly to the main page and you will have only the control tab and profile tab available. You can push on the center of the circle on the control tab to register a new Lock (“Register Now”)

Otherwise, you can follow the guide on the app to register your Lock.


Battery type
Alkaline AAA batteries are recommended.

Bluetooth Settings
Must have Bluetooth ON during the entire registration process. Additionally, it is required for you to give permission of location.

Scan For Your Lock

  • Make sure to keep the door open
  • Be within 2m distance from the Lock
  • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly
  • Make sure the batteries have enough juice

 Lock Confirm
Once the app detects your Lock, it will automatically show it on app. 

Master Pin Code
For security reasons, KeyWe does NOT save your Master Pin Codes. It will be your responsibility to save it securely. The Master Pin Codes is used for registering and factory resetting the Lock. Again, If you forget your Master Pin Code, KeyWe can NOT help! The master pin code can not be 1234 since that is the default master pin code out of the factory or when factory reset is done. 

Pin Code
Pin code can be registered through the app. It can NOT be the same as the Master Pin Code. Once you push “save”, the app will command the Lock via Bluetooth to scan through all slots in the Lock to see if the same pin code configuration exists. If it does not, then your pin code will be saved in the first slot that is vacant (if you have just bought the Lock or have factory reseted, it will be slot #1). If the pin code does exist in one of the slots, then pin code can not be saved and you will be asked to register a different pin code. In the case of migrating from version 2 to version 3, the same process will occur and if a pin code is found, then the slot that that pin code exists will be assigned to you.

Property name
KeyWe made the app useful to those who have multiple properties and are managing short term rental businesses. You will be asked to create a property name for where the Lock will exist. The property name can be changed at any time, and a new property can be created at any time. Though for a property to exist, it must contain at least one Lock.


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