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On the Login & Signup page, you can easily Log in or Sign up.

If you are an Android user they can use their email address, Facebook login, or Google login.

On iPhone, you get the additional option of using Apple login and signup (mandatory from apple)

※ For Apple Login

When using the KeyWe app for the first time, Apple asks if you would like to share or hide email.

When choosing “Share My Email”, then your account will be created or logged in or migrated with this email address. Though if you select “Hide My Email” then Apple creates a random email for you and KeyWe will be creating an account with that random email. Apple protects users’ email address from being known to 3rd party apps like KeyWe. KeyWe can only receive the randomly created email.

This is safe, but also causes issues when migration from version 2 app to version 3 app is established. Migrate can NOT be done because the email address KeyWe attains is only the randomly generated email address. Therefore, KeyWe can not refer to any account from version 2 and has no option but to create a new account.

The solution to this will be to go to: 

  1. Settings
  2. password and security
  3. Apps using Apple ID
  4. Select KeyWe App
  5. Stop using Apple ID

Once these steps are done, then you can go back to the KeyWe app and use Apple login but only this time selecting “Share My Email”. Now everything will migrate correctly.

Please check the video for better understanding:

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