Login & Signup

On the Login & Signup page, you can easily Log in or Sign up.

If you are an Android user they can use their email address, Facebook login, or Google login.

On iPhone, you get the additional option of using Apple login and signup (mandatory from apple)

※ For Apple Login

When using the KeyWe app for the first time, Apple asks if you would like to share or hide email.

When choosing “Share My Email”, then your account will be created or logged in or migrated with this email address. Though if you select “Hide My Email” then Apple creates a random email for you and KeyWe will be creating an account with that random email. Apple protects users’ email address from being known to 3rd party apps like KeyWe. KeyWe can only receive the randomly created email.

This is safe, but also causes issues when migration from version 2 app to version 3 app is established. Migrate can NOT be done because the email address KeyWe attains is only the randomly generated email address. Therefore, KeyWe can not refer to any account from version 2 and has no option but to create a new account.

The solution to this will be to go to: 

  1. Settings
  2. password and security
  3. Apps using Apple ID
  4. Select KeyWe App
  5. Stop using Apple ID

Once these steps are done, then you can go back to the KeyWe app and use Apple login but only this time selecting “Share My Email”. Now everything will migrate correctly.

Please check the video for better understanding:

Door Lock Registration

If you just created a new account on the app, you can register a Lock first, or “cancel”. In the case of “cancel,” you will go directly to the main page and you will have only the control tab and profile tab available. You can push on the center of the circle on the control tab to register a new Lock (“Register Now”)

Otherwise, you can follow the guide on the app to register your Lock.


Battery type
Alkaline AAA batteries are recommended.

Bluetooth Settings
Must have Bluetooth ON during the entire registration process. Additionally, it is required for you to give permission of location.

Scan For Your Lock

  • Make sure to keep the door open
  • Be within 2m distance from the Lock
  • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly
  • Make sure the batteries have enough juice

 Lock Confirm
Once the app detects your Lock, it will automatically show it on app. 

Master Pin Code
For security reasons, KeyWe does NOT save your Master Pin Codes. It will be your responsibility to save it securely. The Master Pin Codes is used for registering and factory resetting the Lock. Again, If you forget your Master Pin Code, KeyWe can NOT help! The master pin code can not be 1234 since that is the default master pin code out of the factory or when factory reset is done. 

Pin Code
Pin code can be registered through the app. It can NOT be the same as the Master Pin Code. Once you push “save”, the app will command the Lock via Bluetooth to scan through all slots in the Lock to see if the same pin code configuration exists. If it does not, then your pin code will be saved in the first slot that is vacant (if you have just bought the Lock or have factory reseted, it will be slot #1). If the pin code does exist in one of the slots, then pin code can not be saved and you will be asked to register a different pin code. In the case of migrating from version 2 to version 3, the same process will occur and if a pin code is found, then the slot that that pin code exists will be assigned to you.

Property name
KeyWe made the app useful to those who have multiple properties and are managing short term rental businesses. You will be asked to create a property name for where the Lock will exist. The property name can be changed at any time, and a new property can be created at any time. Though for a property to exist, it must contain at least one Lock.


Door Control Tab

Welcome home!

•   The Door Control tab lets you switch between different properties and Lock(s) and of course, lets you open and close the Lock. Swipe to the left to go to the next Lock within the property. 

•   On the very top is the battery status. It will show in a “good” or “bad” status.
The new Damian Lock will show by percentage. 

•    Underneath the battery status, it will show the Lock name that you gave. 

•   Underneath the door status, it will state which method the app is communicating with the Lock.
Bluetooth or WiFi. 

•   Pop ups will be shown on the bottom such as “howdy” which will only be shown for the first time you have created an account or have migrated from version 2.Feedback for Smart Feature will also be shown every time the smart feature is executed.

Access Tab

The Access tab is full of functions! But don’t worry,
the KeyWe team made it very convenient and user friendly.



1. Family Invite

Tap the (+) icon and share invites to other family members. Just share a link to any messenger app that you prefer. You can also monitor who has already created an account or not. Their icon will appear in the horizontal list if they have accepted your invite. Once you have established bluetooth connection, you can tap on other family member’s icons and see if they have registered their pin code, rf card or fingerprint.



2. Smart Features (Beta)

Set up Smart Features for a hassle less entry to home! The Magic Touch allows you to just tap the pin pad when you arrive to unlock the Lock. Smart Open automatically unlocks when you come near the Lock!

1. For both Smart Features to be activated, you must first go 150m away from where you
have stated the Lock location is. You will receive a notification once exited the 150m premises.

2. Once you are out, then you can enter back into the 150m premises. You will receive a
notification once entered.

3. Once the Lock and your phone establishes bluetooth connection, your selection of Smart Feature will be executed.


※ Many users misunderstand that the Lock executes Smart Feature at the moment they enter the 150m premises therefore thinks that there is not enough time. This is NOT true. The KeyWe app starts to search for the Lock to connect via bluetooth once you enter the 150m premises, but the Lock and the app must communicate via bluetooth, so the maximum distance the Smart Feature can be executed is roughly 20m. It is physically impossible to execute Smart Feature 150m away from the Lock. 

※ The other thing to note is why we need you to exit the 150m premises. This helps the elimination of executing the Smart Feature while you are in your property.

3. Guest Invite

Manage all guests and control who has access at what time.

You can invite new guests with a personal link and stay fully in charge of entry time and days. The guest must download the KeyWe app to control the Lock. Guests will not need to create an account. Simply download the app via the link provided from the host. The app will automatically lose the ability to control once the schedule specified by the host has passed. All entries by the guest will be recorded on the History tab.

There are two ways a schedule for a guest can be created. Consecutive and Gap. 


  • Consecutive is a simple invite with no gaps between check in and check out. Consecutive type will have “check in time” and “check out time” labeled for time selection. “check in time” refers to the time the guest can start controlling the Lock check in date, and “Check out time” is when the guest loses access to the Lock on Check out date.


  • Gap will be a schedule for “that” day. The “start time” and “end time” is referring to the start time for the selected day(s) and end time for the selected day(s). For example if you have a babysitter that you want him/her to come in from 3pm to 11pm on every Mon, Fri and Sat, then you can set the schedule as in the picture. We have emphasized in text with red color when the schedule type is Gap. 

4. One Tap Invite

The One Tap Invite allows you to invite a temporary guest by giving them a pin code that is valid for only 5 min. On history, there will be a record of who issued the One Tap Invite at what time.


History Tab

Bird’s eye view of who entered when with what method. Keep in mind that 

different Lock types have different ability to leave histories.
Make sure to check out the latest KeyWe Lock to unlock the full potential.



Devices Tab

Use the Devices tab to see which devices are registered already.
You can pair and adjust already existing devices and of course,
add new devices like the
WiFi-Bridge or the KeyWe-Hub.



 WiFi Bridge Registration 
We made the WiFi bridge registration an easy process. Just follow exactly what the app says and KeyWe will guide you through. The WiFi Bridge receives commands from your smart phone through the internet and passes that command to the Lock via Bluetooth.

※ Make sure you are standing right next to the WiFi Bridge during the entire registration process. This ensures that the location you plan to put the WiFi Bridge can be connected to the Lock via bluetooth and the WiFi network that you intend to connect the WiFi Bridge.

※ For iPhone, make sure your iPhone is connected to the WiFi network that you want to connect the WiFi Bridge. 

※ Please register the WiFi Bridge one at a time.

※ You can connect however many Locks that you prefer as long as they are within the bluetooth reach from the WiFi Bridge.

Profile Tab

Make sure to set up an account name and a profile photo to make it easy for your family members to interact. You can adjust your privacy and notification settings. And in case you are a guest at another property that is using a KeyWe Lock, you can switch to the Guest Mode.



Guest Mode

If you get an invite link as a guest, click on the link and you will be guided straight into Guest Mode.
You can see an overview of when you can access. You as a guest can open and close the Lock once connected via Bluetooth. WiFi bridge connection is not allowed for guests to protect hosts. All entries of you as a guest will be displayed on the history of the host. Additionally, Guests will only have access to the Control and Profile tab. If you want to switch back to host mode, simply go to the profile tab and push “Switch to Host Mode”. 

How to Use – Widget


Very useful when you go out and come back quickly .

Throwing away trash, going to the convenient store etc. and coming right back.

Android Widget – Home screen widget

bbbbbb.pngPress and hold on any homescreen on your Android phone.

There are two different types. One large widget  and one small widget.

On the large widget , the access records will be displayed.

Android Widget – Notification Bar Widget


You can use KeyWe widget by pulling the top of Android smartphone.

You can select from swipe type and list type, and you can control all registered door locks.

IPhone Widget


You can use KeyWe widget by pulling down the top of smartphone.

You can select the door lock by using the previous and next buttons on both sides, and you can control the door lock by pressing the lock shape button in the middle.

Connect to Door Lock

Please be aware before registering!

Registration of door lock is possible only for the first person(Administrator), and other members can only be invited .[Add Member].

If the door lock administrator deletes the corresponding door lock, it can be registered again.


① Press the [+] button.

② Please select the door lock registration method.


③ Please scan the QR code(battery cover inside) or enter the serial number (register with product serial number)

④ If the door lock is properly registered, the door lock information screen will be displayed.


⑤ Enter the name of the door lock.

⑥ Set the door lock location. (It is required in order to use Smart KeyWe function)

⑦ Door lock registration completed! Now you can control the door lock with KeyWe App.